100% Construction

Part of the 100% Group. We provide a complete range of building services

Maintenance Contracts Covering Your Heating & Gas Installations

We offer an annual maintenance contract to cover central heating systems, hot water and gas installation for new and existing customers.

Save on Heating Costs

Many factors contribute to the individual heating cost for a household. How long the heating is used, how well insulated a property might be, how efficient a boiler is...

Save Money with 100% Plumbing

After successful grant schemes for boilers, air conditioning and windows, you’d think that the savings possibilities from your plumber were all dried up. With 100% Plumbing, that’s just not the case. Here are 3 more ways you can save real hard cash.

100% Construction, 100% Satisfaction

100% Plumbing is well known to many people as a plumbing company that values efficiency, friendliness, professionalism and value for money. It sometimes comes as a surprise that there’s a lot more to the 100% people than you might be aware of.

Airconditioning Regassing Agents

100% Plumbing is an “Instalador Rite” licenced to install and maintain air conditioning units and affiliated with the “Agencia Valenciana de la Energia” (AVEN)


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